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For ideas that are worth trying

Pamogi is your idea launchpad.

From inspiration to impact with your own dashboard. Pamogi turns ideas into reality with community rewards and support. Join us!


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What can you do with Pamogi?


Gather feedback to validate your idea.


Connect with potential investors.


Monitor your tasks and rewards.


Find co-founders and team members.


Get expert advice to improve your idea.


Collaborate seamlessly with your team.


Join projects you like, earn on the side.


Contribute and claim bounties.

How does it work?


  • Create a personal profile on the Pamogi platform to get started.

  • Submit your idea using the template provided on the platform.

  • Provide a clear description of your idea or problem statement to ignite the creative process.

Craft - feedback


  • Present your idea to the Pamogi community and receive feedback from fellow members.

  • Fine-tune your idea based on the feedback received, shaping it into a more refined concept.

  • Collaborate with community members and experts to turn your idea into a viable business concept.


  • Launch requests and tasks related to your project on the Pamogi platform's bounty board.

  • Find the right people within the community to collaborate on specific tasks needed for your project.

  • Monitor the progress of your project and engage with community members to ensure its successful realization.

Project management

... or claim bounties.

bounty board

Alejandro, CEO of PhotoChoc

"The moment I came across Pamogi was a positive turning point for me and my idea, for which I am extremely grateful."


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