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Pamogi migrates to


Pamogi is excited to announce a transformative move as we migrate our community communication to, a pioneering web3-native publishing and newsletter platform. This strategic shift marks a significant leap toward decentralization, ownership, and transparency within the Pamogi ecosystem., a revolutionary platform, introduces web3-native features that reimagine traditional communication channels. From permanent and uncensorable storage to on-chain social graphs and crypto payment rails, seamlessly aligns with Pamogi's vision of fostering a dynamic and transparent community.

The Power of Arweave's Permaweb

In conjunction with the migration to, Pamogi harnesses the capabilities of Arweave's Permaweb. This empowers us to provide secure, permanent, and transparent storage for all community-related content. Arweave's Permaweb functions as a decentralized and permanent web within an open ledger, ensuring data longevity and tamper-resistant integrity.

About Pamogi's Evolution

Headquartered in Bruges, Belgium, Pamogi is on a mission to revolutionize collaborative innovation. The migration to is a strategic step to fortify our platform's infrastructure, offering a secure and verifiable space for every community interaction.

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More than just a publishing platform, is an empowering space for creators in the web3 era. With a focus on permanent and uncensorable storage, provides the perfect backdrop for Pamogi's commitment to transparency and decentralization.

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Arweave's Permaweb introduces a revolutionary concept in permanent information storage. It establishes a decentralized web within an open ledger, ensuring data permanence and creating a secure, tamper-resistant environment.


Join us as we continue to shape the future of collaborative innovation.

Pamogi invites each community member to join us on this transformative journey. As we migrate to, fortifying community communications and interactions within a decentralized and immutable space, you become an integral part of shaping the future of collaborative innovation.

For additional information or inquiries, reach out to us at


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