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Turning Sweet Dreams into Reality: PhotoChoc


Meet Alejandro, a visionary who transformed his sweet dream into a delectable reality with the unwavering support of Pamogi. Inspired by the idea of offering Hotels and Restaurants a unique branding opportunity, Alejandro conceptualized PhotoChoc—a personalized chocolate adorned with a brand's picture or logo.

Imagine the joy of customers indulging in a luxurious experience, savoring chocolates embellished with the emblem of their favorite establishments. For Alejandro, Pamogi proved to be the game-changer that propelled his idea into the realm of possibility.

"The moment I came across Pamogi was a turning point for me in a positive way, for which I am extremely grateful."

With Pamogi's backing, Alejandro refined his concept, turning it into a viable business venture. What's even more exciting is that this concept extends beyond hospitality; it's a tantalizing prospect for any brand looking to elevate their customer experience with personalized, branded chocolates!

Photochoc: The Sweetness of Memories

Together, we celebrated the successful crowdfunding launch for Alejandro's project. His expertise in 3D printing, combined with the remarkable ability of chocolate to hold intricate details, yielded a beautiful result. However, despite his skills, Alejandro struggled to transition his project into a business—until he crossed paths with Pamogi.

growth pamogi

Pamogi played a pivotal role in refining Alejandro's idea and crystallizing it into a simple yet impactful product. We maintained focus, sought out valuable stakeholders for feedback, and brought it all together in a crowdfunding campaign that triumphed.

Importantly, Pamogi operates on a model where fees are only charged based on the funds raised. This unique approach aligns our success with the success of the project, fostering willingness and persistence to achieve shared goals.

Through our collaborative efforts, we also secured a professional partner to launch PhotoChoc as a sustainable business.

Aljeandro's journey doesn't end here and we're eager to witness the sweet growth of this tasteful project.

Stay tuned for more updates, as Pamogi continues to turn innovative dreams into tangible realities!


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