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VeloTaxi Mechelen Shifts into High Gear with Cool New Features

VeloTaxi Mechelen, the dynamic bike taxi venture that’s transforming urban mobility in Mechelen, Belgium, is riding a wave of innovation and growth. From its early successes at local festivals to exciting new offerings, VeloTaxi Mechelen continues to expand its services, making city travel greener and more enjoyable.

New Offerings for a Hot Summer


Building on its early accomplishments, VeloTaxi Mechelen has anticipated several growth opportunities. They now offer specialized rides for weddings, sightseeing tours, and events, including festivals. This summer, they’ve added a refreshing twist: the option to rent a mobile fridge attached to one of their velo-taxis. This feature ensures optimal pleasure for passengers, keeping drinks and snacks cool during their rides.

A Green Mobility Solution

The success of VeloTaxi Mechelen is a testament to the growing demand for eco-friendly and customer-centric urban transport solutions. With the innovative addition of the mobile fridge, passengers can now enjoy a cool, comfortable ride through the city’s vibrant streets, whether they're headed to a festival or simply exploring Mechelen's sights.

Expanding Influence

The venture’s growth has not gone unnoticed, attracting interest from other cities eager to adopt similar green mobility solutions. The future of urban transport is undeniably green and customer-friendly, and VeloTaxi Mechelen is leading the way.

Pamogi’s Role in Success

Pamogi is proud to have been part of VeloTaxi Mechelen’s journey from the start. Using its unique idea processing methodology and platform, Pamogi helped Johan transform his concept into a successful business. This collaboration exemplifies the power of innovation and support in turning bold ideas into reality.

As a permanent member of Pamogi's growth program, VeloTaxi Mechelen maintains a profile on the platform and occasionally offers bounties or rewards for tasks requiring support. This ongoing relationship fosters continuous innovation and community engagement.

Looking Ahead


With its solid foundation and innovative approach, VeloTaxi Mechelen is poised for continued growth and success. As it continues to enhance urban mobility and expand its services, this venture exemplifies how green solutions can improve city living.

Pamogi is excited to support VeloTaxi Mechelen’s ongoing journey and looks forward to seeing how it continues to revolutionize urban transport, one cool ride at a time.


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