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PhotoChoc's Sweet Milestone: Officially Open for Business

PhotoChoc, the innovative company that merges the art of chocolate making with personalized 3D visuals, has officially become a recognized venture. On the 19th of June 2024, the company PhotoChoc BV was formally created, marking a significant milestone in its journey towards transforming the chocolate industry.

From Idea to Reality

Alejandro, the visionary behind PhotoChoc, initially crafted the concept of personalized chocolates featuring brands' pictures or logos. With the invaluable support of Pamogi, this sweet dream was turned into a tangible reality. After refining the idea and creating a prototype, Alejandro and Pamogi launched a successful crowdfunding campaign, which garnered substantial interest and sales.

The next crucial step involved convincing chocolatiers of the unique value PhotoChoc could add to their products. On March 18, 2024, this vision became a reality as PhotoChoc products debuted in a retail chocolate store, Chocolaterie by Els Crevits. This store continues to feature two of PhotoChoc’s delectable creations, showcasing the blend of taste and visual appeal that defines the brand.

Alejandro PhotoChoc CEO

Solid Business Foundations

The journey from a prototype to a viable business has been marked by strategic planning and collaboration. Alejandro, along with the Pamogi community, crafted a robust business case, setting the stage for PhotoChoc's next big leap—becoming a formal company. The official deed of incorporation was signed on June 19, 2024, by Alejandro and Pamogi's CEO Bert Bernolet, at the notary office. This significant event signifies PhotoChoc's readiness to scale up its operations and drive revenue growth.

Aiming for Growth

With its official status, PhotoChoc is now poised to target chocolatiers as potential clients, offering them an opportunity to enhance the consumer experience by adding a personalized touch to their Belgian delicacies. The unique selling proposition of PhotoChoc lies in its ability to combine the rich taste of chocolate with intricate 3D visuals, creating a product that is both visually stunning and delicious.

Alejandro’s journey, powered by his expertise in 3D printing and the strategic support from Pamogi, exemplifies the potential of innovative ideas to transform industries. PhotoChoc's official launch marks the beginning of a new chapter filled with opportunities for growth and success.

Looking Ahead

The creation of PhotoChoc BV is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and perseverance. With a solid foundation and a unique product offering, PhotoChoc is set to revolutionize the chocolate industry, one personalized piece at a time. As the company embarks on this exciting journey, we look forward to witnessing its sweet growth and the delightful experiences it will create for chocolate lovers worldwide.

Official website coming soon!


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